About Us

Creating a Better World For Our Little Ones, One Outfit at a Time

As parents, it’s hard to imagine ever loving someone as much as our little ones. Yet we’re proven wrong when our love for them grows each and every day. It’s a powerful, joyous and magical feeling deep down in our bones. That’s why at Little Lads & Lasses, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating clothing that captures a little bit of that magic; treating your little bundle of joy exactly the way you love them – gently, sweetly and delicately.

The Gentle Touch of Bamboo Lyocell

All our newborn clothes are made from the finest bamboo lyocell, a miracle fabric we chose for its uncompromising combination of quality and sustainability. Lovingly crafted to keep your little one in complete comfort while they play, explore and snooze.

Silky soft and hypoallergenic on delicate skin. Naturally protects against UV-rays and odor-free. Keeps cool in summer and warm in winter. Doesn’t lose its softness after multiple washes. Fully biodegradable with environmentally-friendly production processes.

We could go on, but you get the picture. With bamboo lyocell, why choose between quality and sustainability when you can have both? For the mums out there who want only the best for their little ones, no other fabric even comes close.

How We Always Do Good, and Help You Do So Too

Beyond cosy clothing, we believe in leaving a better world for our children. And that each step, no matter how small, can make a difference. We plant a tree for every purchase, use 100% compostable packaging, and host an in-store initiative where we help you donate your pre-loved clothing for a discount on your next purchase.

Easy on the Wallet

For parents who would like to buy clothes instead, our monthly membership lets you shop for new clothes whenever you need them and can be cancelled at any time.

For only $20/month, you will be entitled to the following:
1) 1 x Free Romper worth $39.00SGD (To & Fro Shortsleeve/Nippy Sleeveless) (First month only)
2) Free Deliveries on all orders
3) 20% Discount on Individual Items
4) 15% Discount on Duo Packs
5) 10% Discount on Trio Packs
6) 5% Discount on Quad Packs
7) 10% Discount on Gift Hampers

Don’t forget to pass your used baby clothes to us to be donated for a good cause, and get a discount on your next purchase!

A Fitting Wardrobe for a Little Grower

They grow so fast! Our subscription service gives you access to a cute and comfortable wardrobe that grows with your baby.

Starting from $35/month, parents will be able to dress their Little Ones with fitting designs from any of our collections. 

Never worry about clothes that don’t fit again and feel free to cancel anytime. Talk about great savings, more convenience, and maximum comfort!

New Normal Calls for New Norms

Between work, household commitments and taking care of your little one who has time to shop for cute clothes these days? Return customers can arrange with us to shop in the comfort of your own home. We’ll bring the store over so you can spend an afternoon dressing your little angel in adorable outfits.

If you’d rather have a remote in-store experience, simply book a call with us, and we’ll set up a dedicated video shopper to host you. Personal and convenient — it’s just like FaceTiming a helpful friend who is helping you browse.

We’re glad you’re here. Shop with us, and let’s give our little ones the best start in life by choosing clothing that’s kind to them, and our planet.

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